Crafted item not available for use

  • I copied over my gear and I have 2 barbs one plvl 29 and one level p100. my main gear was on the lower so I decided to swap gear and use my higher barb, but when I tried to do so, my crafted amulet could not be used it said ilvl 61 and would not let me use it because it said I needed to be lvl 61, and in the PTR you can not go above 60 unless you have RoS unlocked, which I do not have. Thus an item I crafted in regular D3 can not be used in the PTR since it now says I need to be a higher level than what I can achieve.

    Does not make any sense.
  • Hi Guys,

    We have identified a fix for level 60 crafted items that now require level 61. However, it is unlikely we will be able to deploy it as a hotfix due to the nature of the fix. We do hope to include it in the next PTR update patch however, so keep an eye on the forums for more info on that soon.