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  • Ok, hear me out before you jump down my throat.

    I think the main reason there is such discourse in many blizzard games is because there are multiple types of posters...Blizzard games attract many different kinds players. You have...

    The hardcore, which comprises of the Know-it-alls, and the know-nothings-but-act-like-they-dos

    Then the Casual crowd: Those who like the game, but dont like to put much time or thought into it.

    The Noob crowd: This crowd is new to the game and dont know the ins and outs of the system yet. Its comprised of those who will eventually move to hardcore or casual.

    while real-id and putting forum ids on a game account helps to quell the madness and disconnect..the true solution would be to separate them. Like little kids in kindergarten..because thats what we all are when were anonymous.

    I suggest you add another option similar to the "report" tab that allows us to vote on what type of person the poster is.

    Each category can only post in threads made by the same category that they are in.

    Some posters would be allowed to post in all threads...

    After enough time, everyone would be sorted out correctly after a stead stream of votes go through.

    Not gonna happen...but i think itd be a fun idea.

    The problem with this is that those categories are mostly comprised of artificial distinctions. In other words, they don't really exist. They're just the ways that players have falsely categorized themselves and others, usually in a deeply flawed effort to speak out on behalf of a gameplay change that they believe that benefits the category they've slotted themselves into, because they believe that we've been catering to the other category. Whichever category that is.

    My point is that we're all players, but we all have different relationships with the games that we play. Trying to neatly pigeonhole people really doesn't accomplish anything but create a frankly stupid "us vs. them" mentality.

    So, I don't think that's a very fun idea personally, no.
  • Hey guys, it's fine to have this discussion if we can keep it on topic and game related. Let's leave out the references to real world segregation, please.
  • I see you guys read the Raters Gonna Rate blog.