What a waste!!

  • I was helping a guy level up his hero on hell difficulty. Of course no one every picks the items up but i did and the two handed sword looked very cool! I mean it would be something worth using just for the act work. Then i thought, in loot 2.0 how could Blizz get more from the game? I strongly believe people want their heroes to be unique and their own. I would love to dress my hero in some cool way, but we can't. We have to use the non-colorable legend graphics and have to wear the mempo helm. people spend real money to play the Sims 3 just to have your person get a different outfit or bed. If the play of the game is not changed, why should blizzard care?

    What if.
    The Mystic/Blacksmith could take an item like a "mempo" and trade all of the abilities to another item. You place your item you want to have the abilities for in one box and the item which you want the skin/artwork to be in the other. Hit craft and now you have the helm look like the level 35 helm but it is still a "mempo" This would also be nice if you could turn 2 one hand weapons into a two handed weapon. Well i know this would be different but people hate using two handed weapons and there are some that are cool and I hate to see them left out of the game.

    You have missed out with the group of people who want to make their hero be unique and more like an RPG.
  • In WoW it's called transmogrification, and the ability to visually customize your character adds a layer of depth to the game that a lot of players enjoy. We think it would be cool to implement something like that in Diablo III at some point, but a feature like this has some details to iron out first.

    We'd like to hear your feedback on some of the options you'd want to see in a feature that enabled you to visually customize your character. Some great examples of questions to get you started are: Would you like to have cosmetic slots on your character sheet? Would you prefer a system where you have a npc make an item look like a different item? Should weapons be included? Should weapons be limited to the same weapon types if they are included?