Ruby Bug

  • In Barbarian mode at Level 60+24 you are unable to create any of the top two rubies it seems like there is a level missing for creating them. I have the Rubies to go to the next level but it doesn't register them when I go to create. I have 8 Star Rubies but when I try to create a Perfect Star Ruby it does not register the eight I have it says 0/3 so I am unable to get up to the next 2 levels, It goes from +46 strength at Star to +54 at Perfect Star then +58 at Radiant Star which I am unable to achieve and maybe others.
    Is it possible to fix this bug please.

    Thank you in advance
  • Hey Headshot,

    Perfect Star Rubies require 3x Flawless Star Rubies, along with the 15x Tome of Secrets. Star Rubies are used to make the Flawless Star Rubies, so it looks like you only have the materials needed for the Flawless Star Ruby.