Those Blade Wings...

  • I just logged in to Diablo 3 to check out for any Collector's Edition bonuses I might have received after applying my SC2:HotS CE license to my account. At first login I received the achievement "Queen of the Blades" or something like that along with a banner and so on.. No in-game Blade Wings item though.

    I also have D3 CE on my account which included those Tyrael's angelic wings, an actual in-game item, I wonder, if these Blade Wings for HotS are supposed to be a similar item?

    Although I've been inactive with Diablo 3 for a ten month or so, I made a new character and run it to the starter town and yet I can't see these Blade Wings anywhere.

    Did Blizzard just somehow forget to patch them in to Diablo 3 in prior to HotS release?

  • Hey Dragothica,

    When you log in, there should be an envelope above the chat box. The wings will be included in the message. If you don't have the message, try creating a new character and starting a new game. The envelope should appear for that character at which point you can put it in the stash so your other heroes can grab it.