Logging into website locks me out of game

  • This is the second time this has happened - I've logged in to the website only to be told that due to 'suspicious activity' my account has been locked. The first time was mildly irritating, but the second time it happened, just a few minutes ago, I was in the middle of the realm of turmoil, and finding it impossible, and was going to post to the DH forum asking if anyone had any success soloing it as a demon hunter, and if so could they share some tips. Instead my account got locked and I was kicked out of the game, wasting the past hour's effort and an infernal machine.

    Why do you view logging into your forums as suspicious activity, Blizzard? I mean, I know they can be a bit unruly at times, but still...!

    This is the last time I pay money for an online-only game where I'm at the mercy of the software house to be able to actually play it. :(
  • For account issues please go to to the Battle.net Support website and submit a ticket.