Vault skill Bug PLEASE fix blizzard

  • I have looked into this issue MANY times since last april, i thought i should post finally after seeing HOW MANY PPL are posting the SAME thing.IF YOU GOT THIS ISSUE, PLZ POST HERE
    Summary: Vault does NOT work properly. please fix it.

    I been using Vault as a skill since i got it(like 40 lvls ago) and TOC rune since i got it, too, works GREAT for my playstyle. I just want to know why i die all the time when I use it? i take hits AFTER i land, or during the Vault, ALL the time, that kill me. from FALLEN on MP0 sometimes, which kinda tells me its bugged @ least a little, they just CANNOT do 60000+ damage i got show damage on, also, there is NEVER a number in RED showing damage, i just land and DIE!!! . i know about "flinching" or "hit recovery" time, but this is ridiculous. is this skill NOT an escape? If i take enough damage from a mob to kill me, CANCEL the vault, i dont wanna land and think im ok and then just DIE!! also, there seems to be a slowdown of enemy hit speed? ive seen ubers hit(attack) my Vault:TOC trail(NOT me, they swing on me and CLEARLY miss, but they hit my TOC trail.) and then when I land, i take damage sometimes a full SECOND(3.27secs, actually. i just played for a minute and measured with a stopwatch. @ LEAST 2.5 SECS ) after i land. N.B. i got show damage on, there is NEVER a number in RED showing damage, i just land with SOME health and then DIE!!! theres ALOT of rubberbanding, too, and some1 else said, the pathing thing is CRAZY!!! i tell it to go str8 up, no obstructions in my way,my DH goes zigzag sideways!!! ALSO, i gotta SPAM that button when im in a fight(which MIGHT be fixed in 107, theres a note about "flinching" in the patch notes.) is NOT the "release left click B4 you hit 1" thing, is NOT lag (i'm between 200-95ms when it happens) is the skill not working like it should
    (edit) i posted this pre107, is now post- and im still dying at the same rate. "flinch"fix did nothing i can see.
  • We do not reply to each bug report, however I do look at each one. If this is found to be a bug, we will work to resolve the issue. You don't need to bump threads or continue to report the same issue.