Can't log in ("A new patch is available")

  • When I try to log in it says there is a new patch available, but the launcher isn't showing that there is one, nor is it downloading one. I tried to restart the game, but it keeps happening.
  • Hi guys,

    This error happens when you try to log into to a Global Play region that has not picked up a new patch yet.

    For example, if you The Americas server is down and you try to connect to Asia, you will get this message until Asia is down for maintenance and patched.

    The current workaround is to set your Global Play region back to your home region and wait the maintenance out. We are looking to improve this messaging in the future.
  • Again, this is due to Global Play. You are attempting to connect to a region that has not yet had the patch applied to it after having already patched your local client build. This causes a server/client build mismatch, which causes the game server to reject your login and assume that you have to patch because your build number does not match the build number on the server.

    In order to correct this, you need to connect to a region that is already live with the newest patch build or wait until your region is live with the patch. You can change your region settings without even attempting to log in. The "Options" menu is available at the login screen.

    Press that, go to "Account," and select the Americas region, as that's the only region that's currently active with the patch. If you don't want to play on the Americas region, you need to wait until your region is live.
  • 03/12/2013 10:56 AMPosted by ChAiNsAwII
    Dude the server status page says the server is up if its not patched yet let us play untill its gonna get patched

    The server status page is not 100% reliable at all times. I'm personally involved in the deploy process, so I can tell you with 100% certainty whether a region is available yet or not, and as of right now, neither EU nor the Asia regions are available yet. Only the Americas region is up, so trying to log into any other region will result in the "patch loop" you guys are describing.

    Unfortunately due to the way patches work and are deployed, as well as server/client build control policies regarding patch deploys, we cannot make some regions available with an old patch and other regions available with a newer patch.
  • 03/12/2013 01:28 PMPosted by DockeR
    europe server is availabe in germany not in bulgaria how is this possiuble,,,,,? is there any admin online to tell us what is goin on and how long it will be goin on cuz i rly gotta go on !

    It's not available anywhere. What you're describing is either someone playing on a private (illegal/hacked) server, or their client's region option is simply set to the Americas region.
  • My husband downloaded the patch this morning early, mine will not download any such patch, and our computers are side by side. I cannot log in, he was playing just a minute ago. Both on the American servers.
    Care to tell me again how this is about global servers, etc?

    The physical location of your computer is not what determines the region you are connecting to. Double check the region selection in the game options menu to verify that you are actually setting your client to connect to the Americas.
  • 03/12/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Sinafae
    I did, and it says Americas, I still cannot log in or get the patch.

    What does the client tell you when you try to log in?
  • There is nothing wrong with the patch right now. I honestly can't tell any of you why you think people are logging into the EU or Asia realms and playing right now, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that if they are connected to ANY realm right now, it's definitely not either EU or Asia. Both of those regions are down right now and currently in the middle of their patch deploy process. I'm looking at the e-mail threads right now that say as much. Anyone who thinks that a client is actually connected to EU or Asia seriously needs to double check the region settings in the client to verify what region they are actually connecting to.

    I see this thread (not this one specifically, but the topic) appear every single patch, and when all of the regions are up and running, it always disappears. If there is a *specific* issue that you're having with the patch that is not related to an apparent "patch loop," please feel free to post here. For anyone who appears to be stuck in a patch loop, please check your region connection setting in the client options.

    As for info on when servers will be available again, as always, I apologize, but I cannot provide that information.
  • The only other thing I can possibly think of for those of you who swear that you've verified you're trying to connect to the Americas and yet are unable to do so is that you may have downloaded a non-US client.

    Please uninstall your game, then go to your account management website, select your Diablo III game, click on the "install/re-install" link on that page, and then on the next page, make sure the language selected for the client reads US (unless you don't intend to be playing on a US client of course). If it does not say US, change that first before clicking on the link to download it.

    Once you've downloaded / re-installed the US language, ensure your region is set to the Americas, then try to log in. Let me know if that doesn't work.
  • Locking this thread. The question has been asked and answered numerous times. Please refer to my posts within this thread.